Seeing Double

So a few weeks back at KJam, Darren Walsh proposed the idea that had my eyes light up from the word go! It was to involve filming GB Park & Pipe rider Scott Walsh, dry slopes, and double front flips!

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I immediately went to my good friend Scotty Stephenson for his involvement. Knowing his experience behind a lens I wanted him on board. Luckily he was free, and we could get planning, so this weekend we headed to Stoke Ski Centre to see what we could conjure up!

Craig and Scotty discussing the shot they're after

With Scotty's filming plans in place we scouted out locations when we got to Stoke. The place has a really raw industrial feel to it which made for some great footage. Scotty seems a little apprehensive on arrival testing the jump with a few 3's and straight airs, but wasn't convinced by it's potential. After having a short break he started throwing a few laid out backflips, styling them captivating the crowd at the bottom! Still quite nervous, I put the idea of a single front flip forward.. which he rotated with ease. This was the confidence booster that he needed for him to start throwing the double! 4 attempts of the double later he stomped it much to his and our delight!!!

Scotty preparing the drone for flight!

Onwards to Halifax, confident and smiling Scotty seemed a little more himself upon arrival to the Yorkshire slope! There was a good buzz around the group, having seen Halifax slope on a few edits, we were definitely going to sneak a shred at the end of the night! Luckily for us, we had timed it perfectly! The location of the slope is perfect for an amazing sunset, giving us a period of about 60 minutes of "the golden hour" to get some incredible shots. Not surprisingly Little Scotty pretty much stomped the double straight away cleanly riding away happy with what he had achieved, making for some unbelievable drone footage!

View from Jess' perch at the top of Halifax slope

I'd like to thank Stoke and Halifax for letting us use their facilities, Scotty for his awesome work filming, and Jess for playing runner on the day! Also huge thanks to little Scotty Walsh for being the toughest little dude I know. A few more stops to go but it already been a pleasure working with you! Look out for more blogs on the next stop, and keep your eye out for the edit being produced by Scotty Stephenson!

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