Project Winter

With winter just around the corner, and the legs twitching to get strapped in, it feels like theres so much to organise and arrange before we take that winding road up up to "home."

Struggling to find a job that will let me pursue my photography dream on the side, its getting rather nerve wrecking as the countdown gets smaller. With an apartment to organise on top of that, I can feel the strain of it all coming down on me! But I'm a firm believer in what happens happens, we all have a path to take, and theres no point in getting worked up over something you can't control. So I'm going to do what I do best and what makes me the happiest, photograph some of the best riders in Europe and publish it!


Its going to be a simple book, the images will do the talking. The idea is to take us back to basics, like the Reason mag still does. We all love a hard copy to flick through, something physical within your hands! There is also nothing better then seeing an awesome shot in a magazine/book that makes you feel like you were there at that exact moment, feeling the vibe and atmosphere on location!


I have a good handful of riders in mind to get some shots with, they are more then capable of producing the goods. If anyone else is interested please let me know, and I am more then happy to get you involved, no matter where you are located in Europe.


This is where I want some inside knowledge, I want cover shots, shots that make you look twice. This is where I need local knowledge to find them locations to get the bangers that will blow the readers mind. I understand this will be hard work, but it will all be worth it in the long run.

I have basic ideas on how I want the book to look, but as for printers etc.... I'm new to it! so this is where I will need some info, if anyone is willing to share some wisdom my way! Also if anyone is keen to be involved and help out in any sort of way please get in touch

I appreciate all the love from everyone .